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Enter your Cushion measurements below:

(measurement A is the cushion thickness)

Need Help with Measuring? - CLICK HERE

We recommend adding AT LEAST 1" (2.5cm) to the border size / thickness (size A) of your cushion cover to make sure the new foam cushion fills the cover properly

Press the CM or Inches button above to use your preferred input measurement. Enter .5 for a half or .25 for a quarter i.e. 82.5 or 96.25

IF YOU'D PREFER US TO MEASURE TO ENSURE A PERFECT FIT, enter approx. figures above to get an estimated price, then add our 'Hassle-Free Measure and Fill Service' at the final step

How many of these cushions do you require?

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Please Select Your Foam Type

*All Foam Colours cost the same*

Blue Foam

(Best under 3.5 inches (9cm) thick)

Recommended for seat cushions less than 3.5 inches (9cm) thick.

Becomes very firm at 3.5-5.0 inches (9-12.5cm) thick.

Not recommended for cushions thicker than 5 inches (12.5cm).

Grey Foam

(Best for 3.5-7.0 inches / 9-17 cm thick)

Recommended for seat cushions 3.5-7.0 inches (9-17.5cm) thick.

Is super soft at less than 3.5 inches (9cm), and very firm at more than 7.0 inches (17.5cm) thickness.

Not recommended for cushions thicker than 8 inches (20cm) +.

Pink Foam

(Best for 7 inches+ / 17.5 cm+)

Recommended for seat cushions 7-10 inches (17.5-25cm) thick.

Is super soft at less than at 7 inches (17.5cm) thick.

Not recommended for cushions less than 5 inches (12.5cm) thick.

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Dacron + Stockinette



Dacron is a polyester fibre wrap. It adds body to the foam, helping to fill out your cushion cover whilst softening the 'boxy' shape of raw foam.

We use 7oz dacron wrap on your foam cushions if you add this to your order.



Stockinette is often fitted to foam to help prevent wear to your fabric cushion covers. Stockinette will allow you to fit your foam to the covers more easily.

A Stockinette cover on top of the dacron also prevents the dacron fibres from getting stuck in your cushion cover zip whilst closing.

*If you want to give your cushions a soft and rounded look then click the 'Add to Cushion/s' button below.*

If you wish to buy a plain box foam cushion, simply click 'Next' instead.

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Hassle-Free 'Measure and Fill' Service:


By adding this extra service, we'll collect your cushion covers, take all the necessary measurements accurately, and ensure your new cushions fit perfectly.

We'll 'fill' your new foam cushions into the covers and get the right, tight fit - hassle-free!